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Down a bustling narrow lane of Delhi's renowned Chandni Chowk, there's smoke billowing from a tiny doorway. Acrid fumes fill my lungs, but it is the sight that makes my eyes water.

Spectacular old saris woven and embroidered with real gold and silver thread are being unceremoniously thrown into a fire and reduced to their precious metals.

I am witnessing what I had always considered to be an Indian "urban myth"!

The practice of burning an old or damaged sari for its' metal is a simple matter of economics.

Scant regard is given to amount of work invested in such a garment or the textile artistry being destroyed.



According to Hindu tradition, the sari is a ritual symbol of renewal.

As old saris are discarded, they are replaced by new ones...thus completing the circle.

For nearly two decades, I have been intervening in this process 
and amassing an extraordinary collection of antique and vintage textiles from all over the Subcontinent in the process.


It gives me great pleasure to "recycle" these fabulous old treasures and create new ones.  

I guess in a different way, I'm contributing to that ritual cycle of renewal too.

Now that's KISMET!