HANDMADE & FAIR TRADE Making your everyday life a little more beautiful & making a difference!


KISMET is a small, eco-minded company based in Venice, California.  Our grass roots enterprise began working directly with artisans in rural India nearly sixteen years ago. 

Long before Fair Trade became the popular "green" buzzword it is today, Kismet was already busy making a difference in the global community.  We've never made a big fuss about it...we just feel strongly about doing right by everyone that we have the privilege of working with.

We proudly support a thriving cottage industry of creative individuals who share Kismet's pursuit of quality and sustainability...in our products, in our environment, and in our lives.

Our family of artisans takes great pride in the quality of their craft and are well compensated for their efforts. The result...high quality, one-of-a-kind products that are simple, beautiful & functional.

We're best known for our signature fabric...vintage silk brocade saris, but as these saris become more and more difficult to come by, we are expanding our repetoire to include some amazing tribal cottons and hand-stitched cotton kantha quilts.

While we continue to offer new products, our production remains limited to boutique quantities, assuring that each KISMET product you purchase will be exceptional.

We hope you'll agree!