H A N D M A D E   &   F A I R  T R A D E
Making your everyday life a little more beautiful and making a difference!


KISMET is a small, eco-minded company based in Venice, California. 

Our grass-roots enterprise began in 1999... working directly with artisans in rural India. 

Long before Fair Trade became the popular buzzword it is today, KISMET was already busy making a difference in the global community by providing jobs, insuring fair wages and equality in the workplace, encouraging recycling and fostering sustainable business practices. 

We've never made a big fuss about it...we have just always felt very strongly about doing right by everyone that we have the privilege of working with. 

We are proud to have made a difference in so many lives over the years... leading by example, creating opportunity and encouraging enterpreneurship, especially with women! 

While we will continue to ethically source vintage and handmade textiles directly from artisans abroad, the majority of our products will now be FAIR TRADE PRODUCED IN THE USA!!! 

We appreciate your continued support as we focus our energies on this new direction for KISMET.